Best Roast Turkey Recipes

Turkey is the number one meat cooked at Christmas in the UK. It can be wonderful when cooked properly but also very dry if over cooked. Many chef’s have their own take on how to cook the perfect roast turkey and here, we have tried and tested the best 3.


Before we go into the recipes, lets take a look at some equipment that you might require. We have listed what we use ourselves. It is crucial that buy good quality as cheap could ruin the bird.

Roasting tin
Turkey foil

The recipes

  1. Jamie Oliver’s Roast Turkey – Jamie Oliver is well known both in the UK and overseas. His take on Roast Turkey, is simple and yummy. This recipe also includes a herby pork and apricot stuffing. Click here to view.
  2. Spiced and super juicy roast turkey – Nigella Lawson likes to brine her Turkeys and it does add a wonderful succulent flavor. Click here to view the recipe.
  3. Traditional Roast Turkey – It is not often Delia Smith is not mentioned among Christmas food articles. She is the queen of cooking after all. This is a recipe for more traditional taste buds. Click here to view.

For a more in depth guide on cooking a roast Turkey with times etc, click here.

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