Christmas cake recipe

You know Christmas is on the way when October arrives and the dried fruit sells out in supermarkets. It can mean only one thing! Households across the country are baking their Christmas cakes.

Traditionally October is the month to bake the fruit cake. It would then be stored in an air tight tin until ready for icing. Some recipes will get you to feed the cake with alcohol every two weeks. We actually bake ours in August for extra maturity.

There are many versions of Christmas cake from rich fruit to a light fruit. This recipe by Delia Smith, is a nice in between.

Equipment needed

We always recommend using a good quality tin. there is nothing more frustrating than spending good money on ingredients and for the recipe to be ruined by poor quality equipment. Below is a list of suggested items you might or might need:

Baking Tin
Kitchen scales
Mixing bowl
wooden spoon 

The Recipe


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