Mrs and Mr Claus love to spend time together on a winters evening making their favourite Christmas crafts. Below is a selection of some of their favourites which you might also love to make.

Footprint Christmas craft

We saw this idea and thought what a wonderful way of celebrating your babies first Christmas with close family and friends. Equipment needed Card making card (green) White craft paper Googly eyes Red pom pom Black marker pen Skin friendly paint Scissors Glue All items can be brought from Amazon by clicking the above links. […]

Lolipop snowflakes

This is similar to our other snowflake lollipop craft tutorial found here but decorated slightly differently. Equipment needed Lollipop sticks Paint Buttons or other festive decorations Glue gun All items can be brought from Amazon by clicking the links above. Directions Firstly glue the sticks to make a snowflake shape. The pattern is up too […]

Darling Deer

These darling deer and great fun for children to make. It will keep them occupied for hours. Equipment needed Cardboard tube (save from toilet rolls) Festive paper Straws Pipe cleaners Googly eyes Felt circles for eyes & nose You will also need child safe scissors and glue. How to make wrap the tubes in your […]

Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland

You might of guessed by now that we love making our own decorations at and we found this wonderful Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland tutorial over at ‘The sweetest occasion‘. Equipment needed Pine cones Jute twine Gold spray paint Gold leaf sheets Foam brushes Spray sealant Screw eye hook Pliers. You can purchase the […]

Homemade Christmas crackers

You might think someone is crackers for making their own Christmas crackers but it is actually quite fun and you can chose what gifts you put in, if any. You can also add a personal message or a really bad joke. For joke ideas, view our suggestions found here. Equipment needed Sticky tape Scissors Cracker […]

5 Christmas card making kits

We love making Christmas cards at and have become quite good at it. It is lovely to receive homemade Christmas cards as well. If you are new to making your own cards, then we do suggest starting off with a Christmas card making kit. There is a good choice on Amazon at affordable prices […]

Lollipop stick snowflakes

Kudos to SugarBeeCrafts for this wonderful, simple and fun project for kids of all ages to make. These are wonderful decorations to hang on your wall and you can of course decorate them as you wish. What is needed? Lollipop sticks (you can buy these in packs or save the ones from your ice lollies.) […]

Plastic spoon Christmas tree

These are quite effective and a great way to recycle you plastic spoons. If you don’t use them, then they are cheap enough to buy. This tutorial was found at ‘One project closer, the other half‘. It is simple and fun but please make sure you take protective caution when using the spray paint. What […]

Homemade Christmas Tree Christmas card

This is a wonderful activity to do with kids or as an adult. If you plan to do it with Children, then why not make it an activity during the October school break or in their spare time during November? There are many wonderful craft packs out there with instructions included, most craft shops offer […]

Make a plate especially for Santa’s cookies

Santa visit’s hundreds and thousands of houses every Christmas eve and although not every country leave cookies out, many like the UK and USA do. Santa must get bored of seeing the same plates with little imagination in the design. We found this wonderful tutorial over at which is a fun and excellent way […]