Santa’s Secret is a popular Children’s Christmas story book written by Stephen James Linden-Wyatt. Although geared at under 8’s, the short story and illustrated book is being enjoyed by adults with a young heart as well as the children they share it with.

As the name suggests, readers of ‘Santa’s Secret’ will learn a never told before secret about Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve. Head Elf, Sally-the-Anne tells the story and along the way to revealing the secret, readers are informed about Christmas traditions across the world. For example, in Germany children leave Santa letters of thanks and love and in Demark, bowls of rice pudding are left out for Santa to enjoy. There is a funny mishap and joke too.

We of course, do not want to give the secret away now. But Stephen has very carefully combined the two sides of Christmas by linking Santa with the Nativity. Not religious, the book links the two joyous and meaningful parts of Christmas together.

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Santa’s Secret can be brought from Amazon in paperback or for the Kindle. The paperback version fits nicely in any child’s ‘Christmas Eve box’. Click below to purchase your copy. If you live in an Amazon selling country outside of the UK, please click on the flag of your country below.

Please note that currently ‘Santa’s secret’ is only in English.